Running form tips all range from extremely technical to fairly simple, and l will go over most of the basic fundamental basics of running form. Why? So that you can objectively assess your running form and thusly make improvements in order to CRUSH your running targets this season!

The first thing I want to discuss are proper running form tips. There is a ton of talk about proper running form, which is excellent. However, there is also quite a bit of nonsense talked about proper running form, which is very frustrating. I am going to outline what proper running form tips are in this article.

First, proper running form tips are drills you do at the end of your run that will help train you for proper running form. These running form drills should be done BEFORE you even hit the ground. It can be something simple like a pause at the end of a long run or even something as simple as a quick stop at the end of a good sprint, however it doesn’t matter as long as you do them at the end of your run.

One of the first things you need to understand about proper running form tips is that your posture and foot strike are THE most important aspect of running form. I know that this might sound silly and basic, but your posture and foot strike have a huge impact on how you run. A great way to start understanding your posture and foot strike is to stand inside a door with your feet apart at a distance equal to the width of the door. Now take one foot and step into the door. Can you see what a difference your stance makes?

Another one of the best running form tips is to always be bending your knees. Did you know that your shoulders must be relaxed at all times when running? Your shoulders must not be bent at any given moment. The only time your shoulders should be bent is when your heel hits the ground first or if you are tipping your hips. If you keep your shoulders and legs in a constant bend at all times your form will improve significantly.

Another of the running form tips is to always make sure your hands are high and close to your ear when running. What you are trying to accomplish is making sure that you do not miss your breath when you are changing direction. You will notice that you are running a bit faster the more your hands are out of the way. This drill may seem silly, but it is one of the best things you can do to improve your technique.

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