When you are looking to build muscle and lose fat then the first thing that you need to do is find a workout program that suits you. There are many different options out there. You may have heard great things about doing crunches, sit ups, leg raises or any other ab specific exercise but they do not work for everyone. In this article I am going to tell you the 3 reasons why every workout routine is not effective.

The first reason you do not want to do a specific workout is because you may be injured. If you have back problems or some sort of injury then you should avoid exercises that target those areas. You want to do a workout that is going to give you a full body workout. If you do an exercise that is not going to give you a full workout then you are not going to stick to it long term.

The second reason is your ability to perform the exercise. You may have a hard time performing difficult workouts like crunches. They are hard to do at first but if you continue to do them on a regular basis then you will eventually be able to do them with no problem. When you begin to see the results from your workout then you will be happy that you did the workout. If you do not see results then you should give up because the workout was not effective.

The last reason for the ineffective workout routines is money. This is the worst one of the three because it is the most common. You want to purchase the best equipment so that you do not have to guess about what the resistance level should be. You want to workout with the best equipment so that it gives you the maximum results.

You can purchase all of the equipment to use for your ab workout routine but you should not do the exercises without the proper diet. You can get great abs by doing cardio and diet but you need to know what to eat. You also need to know which foods give you a workout that you can do on a consistent basis. This is the only way to get the results you want.

Remember that getting six pack abs takes a lot of hard work. You can not just do sit-ups and crunches all day long. It is time for you to put aside the workout routine you are using and focus on your abs. Learn how to do exercises that strengthen your abs so that they will grow. You can workout all day long but your abs cannot grow until you start eating right.

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